Organizational Culture Surveys

How aligned is your organizational culture?

Change Your Culture to Improve Your Performance.

Conducting an organizational culture survey based on the Denison Model provides a clear picture of what your organization needs to do to achieve higher performance. Our survey will benchmark you against 1,000+ organizations and provide you with a baseline to measure future improvements against.

Through our research, Denison Consulting has identified four key drivers of high performance—mission, adaptability, involvement, and consistency—that indicate where to focus. We’ve developed the Denison Culture Model that measures these four drivers reflected in four primary colors. Simply put, the more color, the better the results.

While organizations recognize that culture has a direct impact on performance—improving quality, safety, retention, profitability, EBITA—it’s often unclear what changes are needed. Our team of experts can guide your organization to make decisions that will directly impact the performance measures you care most about.

Through the cumulative responses from the survey, you will gain insight on questions like:

  • Does your team understand your mission and where you’re headed?
  • Do they believe the firm can stay competitive and adapt to changes in the market?
  • Are your people involved, and do they feel they have the training they need?
  • Are your values clear and being lived out through consistent processes?

Learn About the Denison Model

Denison Model

Key Offerings

  • Identify areas of cultural strength and weakness
  • Troubleshoot points of internal friction
  • Back up your culture initiative with hard data
  • Measure your culture improvement over time
  • Strengthen your business performance
  • Create a culture that will attract and retain quality talent
  • Utilize additional valid and benchmarked assessment modules to explore: employee engagement, employee commitment, innovation, trust, safety, and risk management

How it Works

Survey Set-up:

  • The set-up process typically takes 1-2 weeks
  • The survey has the flexibility for customized segmentation of demographic groups that exist within your organization (business unit, gender, level, tenure, etc.).
  • We can provide your team with sample communication templates
  • The survey can accommodate any custom questions (open-ended or scaled)
  • The survey can be customized to include 54+ languages, branding, etc.

Survey Administration:

  • Survey administration typically takes 2 weeks (with options to extend)
  • We offer various ways to administer our assessment (shared survey link, data feed administration, kiosk link, QR codes, etc.
  • Our team will provide you with the necessary links to administer your survey
  • We offer full technical support
  • We provide links to monitor employee response rates

Survey Reporting:

  • Reports are available 2-3 business days after survey close
  • Our web reporting dashboard allows your team to export any report segmentation in PowerPoint and PDF
  • In order to maintain confidentiality, we require a minimum of 3 respondents to generate reports for any relevant segment
  • For more on how we store data, check out our data security guide

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