Digitalization Assessment

Digitalization represents a major challenge for many organizations. It requires a new way of thinking, a new way of leading, and a new way of doing business. At Denison, we’ve researched this topic for several years, and have now developed a model and set of measures to help our clients assess and track their progress. Our model has six components:



Guiding an organization through a digital transformation requires a clear strategic plan to be in place. Leadership need to be aligned, and the strategy should be widely communicated, well understood, and clearly visible in day-to-day decisions.


A change of this magnitude requires changes in people’s mindset, talent, and leadership skills. One key element of this transformation is building the deep digital talent – the data science, software development, and AI expertise required to succeed.


The value chain in the digital world begins with the customer. The customer experience drives innovative product design and the production and delivery process. This whole process must be built around a real-time understanding of the customer experience.


Innovative products are designed and redesigned around customer needs. This process is informed by a continuous process of monitoring the customer experience through real-time analytics.


The process of producing and delivering products is also enhanced by a firm’s digital capabilities. The production system is enhanced by digital capabilities, and predictive analytics are used to anticipate customer support needs.


A company’s digital platform is the foundation for all of these innovations and is one of a digital company’s most important assets.


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