Virtual Coaching

Extraordinary Times Call for Extraordinary Leaders.

The Denison Virtual Coaching Solution:

What can I do to be a more effective leader during times of turbulence and change? Denison Consulting combines the ‘tried and true’ with the ‘relevant and new’ to provide a robust, virtual coaching experience designed to help leaders effectively navigate the challenges of creating high-performance teams and organizations. Our virtual coaching leverages insights gained from work with over 25,000 leaders and our performance-based 360 assessment technology to ensure that leaders focus their development on behaviors and practices that have impact – the tried and true. We have also learned a lot about employee and team needs, and the implications for leaders in this unprecedented time of change – the relevant and new.

Benefits Include:

  • Coaching support that can be delivered anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • The Denison Leadership 360 assessment – a data-driven approach that is administered online and generates feedback based on our world-renowned model of high-performance.
  • Personal support from expert coaches utilizing online meeting software (e.g., Zoom, Teams, etc.) to build the relationship between leader and coach.
  • A process that can been used with individuals, teams and broader populations of leaders.

Extraordinary times call for extraordinary leaders. You might be asking yourself:

  • How am I showing up as a leader in this dynamic and uncertain environment?
  • How can I get much needed feedback when opportunities for deeper conversations are limited?
  • Do I need to adapt my leadership beliefs and practices in response to new ways of working?
  • How do I build trusting relationships and deliver results when I have less direct oversight?

Over the past few years, we have provided virtual coaching support to thousands of leaders across the globe. Contact us today to learn more and to become the leader your team and organization needs today!

Interested in working with us? Contact our team of expert coaches.

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