Virtual Consulting

Our virtual engagement process.

The Denison Virtual Consulting Solution:

What can organizations do to engage their remote employees in times of culture transformation? Denison Consulting combines the ‘tried and true’ with the ‘relevant and new’ to provide a robust, virtual consulting experience designed to create an impactful and motivating space for employees to help shape the future. Our virtual consulting leverages insights gained from work with over 8,000 organizations and our performance-based assessment technology to ensure that organizations focus their development on behaviors and practices that have impact – the tried and true.  We have also learned a lot about how to engage leaders and employees in a virtual environment to support the culture transformation process – the relevant and new. That combination results in the ability to lead organizations through culture change at a time when they are facing unprecedented challenges and their culture is being tested in ways previously unseen.

To facilitate this process, we’ve adapted our reliable culture change process, the PATH TO HIGH PERFORMANCE, for the virtual environment.

Benefits Include:

  • Executive consulting, interviews, focus groups, and workshops that can be delivered anytime, anywhere in the world.
  • The Denison Organizational Culture Survey – a data-driven approach that is administered online and generates feedback based on our world-renowned model of high-performance.
  • Individual and group sessions to turn data into action, led by senior consultants utilizing online meeting software (e.g., Zoom, Teams, etc.)

What does the journey look like?


Through dynamic and engaging virtual sessions, Denison’s experts draw out the intent and vision of your senior leaders and key stakeholders. With that information, our Senior Consultants align this critical group around a set of core objectives.


Utilizing conference and project management software, our teams come together to develop a data collection, performance analytics, and post-assessment plan. We will make sure that your team can effectively communicate the intent and details of the assessment to your employee population.


In this phase, we deploy your custom online assessment. Focusing on culture elements related to performance, we ensure the action you take will provide the greatest impact by looking deeper across levels and into key business units/functions.

Honest Conversation

With a clear picture of your leaders’ objectives and organization’s culture, our Senior Consultants will help create a common understanding of the cultural attributes supporting or impeding the execution of your strategy.

Action Planning

From there, we can help your organization build a cross-functional, cross-level Culture Action Team. Through a facilitated virtual workshop, we will support this group to plan and implement actions that reinforce your strengths and address your gaps.


To help your leaders understand their impact on culture and performance, the online Denison Leadership 360 provides individual leaders with specific feedback. Our Virtual Coaching solutions will help leaders change their behavior to better support the business.

Sustainable Improvement

Feedback loops and tracking mechanisms will help you ensure your actions are having the desired impact. Our digital pulse solutions allow you to check-in with your workforce on progress and crowdsource ideas for improvement.

Interested in working with us? Contact our senior consultants today.

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