#RESILIENCE Assessment & Support

These are uncertain times. In a fast-moving and interconnected world, organizations and leaders are challenged to respond to public health concerns, market confusion, and operational disruptions. To support you, Denison developed an employee assessment to deliver the most actionable data about your employees, technology, and customers. Offer is valid until June 30, 2020. Some terms and conditions apply.
The #RESILIENCE Assessment provides you with critical insight into one of your most important assets — your people. Now more than ever, their voice will provide crucial data that informs internal policy, identifies customer needs, and daylights new innovations.
The assessment is administered online and takes only five minutes for an employee to complete.
To address your most pressing needs, Denison leverages over 30 years of assessment experience to provide you with the most actionable data on the topics that matter most. To turn that data into action, we will also provide expert analysis,  virtual debrief, and online resources.
Offer is valid until June 30, 2020. Some terms and conditions apply.
The #RESILIENCE Assessment uses scaled and open-ended questions to measure the following topics:
  1. Communication (Do employees understand the organization's policies and priorities?)
  2. Technology (Do employee have the technology necessary to work effectively and safely?)
  3. Well-Being (Do employees feel cared for?)
  4. Customers (Do employees believe that the organization is staying close to customers and understands their needs?)
  5. Connection (Are employees connecting with co-workers, coordinating projects, and supporting each other?)
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