Transforming a company requires data gathering and honest conversation across the organization—before, during, and after implementation. Some of this conversation is centered in the C-suite, but much of it requires input and action from the across the organization.

In the past, data-gathering from the broader organization was so resource intensive and time consuming that it was only practical at major project crossroads. With the advent of online pulse surveys, the process has become not only more practical, but nearly instantaneous.

Pulse surveys can significantly enhance four phases of the transformation process: Discovery, Honest Conversation, Action Planning, and Implementation. That’s why Denison has partnered with Waggl to create surveys aimed specifically at the core issues in each of those phases.

DISCOVERY with Waggl

“Why is it important for us to focus on our organizational culture?” This question yields insight about how an organization views effectiveness, what the organization is trying to accomplish, and how culture is helping or hindering in the achievement of the goals. In the past, answers were sought mostly from senior leaders.

With Waggl surveys, an organization can widen the scope of involvement to tease out varying perspectives within the organization, and to create a deeper level of buy-in to the transformation process enterprise-wise.


Based on the insights gathered during Discovery, senior leaders determine intermediate goals for the transformation process, deciding what needs further diagnosis and determining how to roll out the process.


The Denison Organizational Culture Survey (DOCS) establishes a comprehensive, enterprise-wide, validated baseline for understanding the current state of the organization in detail. DOCS results don’t give you the solutions to your problems. Those will come from your people! DOCS results give you the basis for honest conversation about what’s important in your organization and why.


In the past, this conversation could only be conducted via team discussions, town hall meetings, surveys, and other resource-intensive means. While these formats are still important, Waggl pulse surveys enable you to pick up the conversation again at any time, allowing for immediate focus on specific issues of importance.


The Action Planning phase is another key opportunity to take advantage of crowd-sourced input. Waggle surveys provide a platform for enterprise-wide brainstorming! This improves connection, collaboration, alignment, and organizational improvement. Gather ideas from the broader organization, and let the ideas with the most buy-in rise to the top.


Pulsing regularly on key action indicators will help you gauge implementation and improvement across the organization. This connects leaders, stake-holders, and change agents on a repeated basis in a success-enhancing, continuous feedback loop, aligning your organization around important goals in real time.

By integrating strategically designed pulse surveys into Denison’s proven model for developing high-performance culture, you can build organizational momentum to achieve your performance objectives.

Contact us about bringing the power Denison-Waggl surveys to your organizations culture transformation process.

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