We’ve talked about the importance of having both pulse surveys that help you understand your cultural trends in real-time, and long-term, strategic insight to help guide your organization toward a high-performance transformation. In our partnership with Waggl, we have identified several key areas where Waggl can work in tandem with the Denison Model to bring you the timely feedback you need. But what might this partnership look like in action for your organization?

We hope the answers to some of these top questions can give you an idea.

What are the most important questions to pulse?

Throughout the year, Waggl Pulse surveys can be used to support action planning and implementation of initiatives and to measure progress toward your culture goals. To this end, we recommend asking for feedback that allows employees to have input into the change process and also allow you to track action across the organization. Depending on where you are in the change process, you can pulse your organization on questions like:

  • What is our most important priority for action?
  • Were detailed action plans created to address the issues identified by the survey?
  • Are the actions being taken having a positive impact on the organization?

How does Denison use pulse surveys to build high performance cultures?

The Denison Organizational Culture Survey gives an organization comprehensive and in-depth insight into their cultural strengths and areas of opportunity.  It provides a holistic picture and a baseline. We integrate Waggl pulse surveys with the Denison Model and core assessments to bolster employee voice throughout the change process and to track how well an organization is working toward aligning with their culture goals. Based on your action plans for change or improvement, you can obtain feedback that will help you know how well are you doing or that adjustments need to be made. Your Culture Action Teams can help in monitoring this.

Can negative feedback be a good thing?

It’s always better to know what ails you. Negative feedback shows that your employees trust your system enough to be candid. If you know there’s something not right with your culture, an overwhelmingly positive response won’t help you discover a solution. So both embrace and encourage transparency and honesty, even when it’s hard to hear.

Learn more about what the Denison-Waggl partnership might mean for you

If you have more questions, or if you would like to consult with us as to how we can work with your organization to put these solutions in play for you, please be in touch.

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how denison and waggl deliver responsive culture feedback