Leadership Development

Build your leadership skills and
cultivate them in others

Our 4-Point Coaching Model, in conjunction with Denison’s Leader Diagnostics, will help you lead the way to a high-performance culture.

Leaders drive performance. Your leadership role may be new or longstanding, but you recognize the need for further growth and alignment. The journey begins when you know where you stand.

Our 4-Point Coaching Model describes the key coaching activities that support an effective leader development process. This process is designed to raise leader awareness, establish open channels for “honest conversations” among leaders, foster ownership of development plans, and promote continuous action learning. Building from this model, we offer a range of services that include delivery of executive coaching and team and executive development programs.


Key Offerings

  • Understand how your natural tendencies influence your behaviors
  • Conduct honest conversations to establish core priorities
  • Translate external challenges into actionable solutions
  • Build and manage high-performing teams
  • Align people and strategy to execute busines goals
  • Identify and nurture leadership potential within your organization

Denison Leader Diagnostics

The Denison Leadership Development Survey, a 360° assessment of leader competencies.

The Denison Leadership Potential Report, a personality-driven assessment of leader potential (in partnership with Hogan Assessment Systems).

How it Works

We combine diagnostic data and personal coaching to develop your leadership abilities. By measuring leadership potential along the same metrics used in our culture survey, we can provide a direct, apples-to-apples comparison of how well a leader’s values align with those of their organization’s culture. Then we use these results to target points of misalignment, facilitate honest conversations, and foster development through our learning-by-doing approach.


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