Compromiso de los Empleados

Are your employees emotionally attached to the organization?
Are they committed out of necessity?
Are they planning to leave?
The Commitment Assessment measures how much and in what ways employees are committed to your organization — whether by emotional attachment or out of necessity. This tool can also provide further insight into employees’ turnover intentions.
Denison’s approach is unique in that we provide you with benchmarked commitment data and culture data. This combination helps you understand your employees’ commitment today and how to shape your culture to increase their commitment into the future.
Además de los ítems del Modelo de Cultura de Denison, la Evaluación de la Implicación también mide los siguientes ítems validados y con bechmarking:
  1. I am highly committed to this organization.
  2. I would recommend working for this organization to others.
  3. I feel a strong personal connection to this organization.
  4. It would be difficult for me to leave this organization.
  5. I continue to work here more out of choice than necessity.
  6. I rarely think about looking for a job with another organization.
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