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From Our European Team

At Denison Consulting, we focus on business problems that are linked to culture. Through our systematic approach to diagnosing and analyzing culture, we can influence dramatic change in your organisation. As a global consulting firm, we work with you to provide client-centric, innovative solutions to culture change and leadership development. Our role as the European team is to support you in strengthening your organization’s effectiveness, both locally and wherever you do business around the world. We want to see you achieve your strategy and enjoy high performance—right to the bottom line.

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Denison Europe Core Team

Denison Europe served by Denison Consulting GmbH

European Headquarters in Switzerland

+41 (0)71 552 05 71

Langfeldstrasse 90, 8500 | Frauenfeld | Switzerland

Office for United Kingdom, Ireland and Nordics

+44 (0)7961 974 568

36 Coquet Terrace | Newcastle-upon-Tyne | Heaton NE6 5LE  |  UK


In the News

We’re excited to announce that Business Worldwide Magazine has named Denison Consulting as “Best Culture Development and Leadership Consulting Firm” in their M&A 2016 awards.

Here’s a perspective on how Denison Consulting is supporting clients described in this BWM article.

Achieving Superior Business Results

With extensive experience in complex change initiatives, and a global network of professionals experienced in culture change and leadership development, we deliver timely solutions to our clients’ most pressing challenges. Our strength lies in translating seemingly complex concepts into an easy-to-understand approach that helps leaders identify the factors that most impact their success as an organisation.

Our Client Engagement Process is designed to accelerate culture change and leadership development. The Path to High Performance informed by the Denison Model provides the framework for you to drive organisational effectiveness at the business and HR process level. To learn more about our approach and the tools we provide, contact us.


Language and culture share an intimate connection that can be lost in translation. Consequently, we have a growing network of certified partners capable of delivering culture change projects, including our culture survey and leadership tools, in over 50 languages. We are constantly looking for local partners interested in working with us.

If you’re interested in joining our growing partner network, we offer a robust on-boarding and certification process. Plus, our internal team proactively supports the business development efforts of our local partners.




Beyond Engagement to Strategic Involvement

One of the driving factors for financial success of any company is the involvement of its employees. We strongly believe that the winning companies will be those with leaders who are able to build a culture in which employees are passionate and proud to apply their energy and ambitions on behalf of their firm. We’ve seen this level of involvement in organisations across Europe and the profound impact it makes on achieving their strategic direction.

Working Together Securely

We want you to know that your information is handled with the greatest of care. All of the data we receive from you is located in a secure data centre in Germany that meets all European standards.

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