Organisatorische innovatie

Does your organization have the skills and creativity to meet tomorrow’s challenges?
That is, does your organization have the ability to generate creative ideas, and the capacity to implement them?
The Innovation Assessment measures your organization’s ability to successfully create, develop, and implement new products or services.
Denison’s approach is unique in that we provide you with benchmarked innovation and culture insights. This combination helps you understand exactly how your culture impacts your ability to create and implement new ideas.
In addition to Denison’s trusted culture items, the Denison Innovation Assessment also measures the following validated and benchmarked items:
  1. People are encouraged to be creative.
  2. We are able to implement new ideas.
  3. New ideas are continually evaluated and improved upon.
  4. Support for developing new ideas is readily available.
  5. Innovation is a large part of our business activities.
Multi-Segment Report

Module Report

Driver Analysis 

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