Talent Management

The way we think about talent in organizations is undergoing very real changes.
Exponential advances in technology require faster training in new skills. Employment models are evolving due to a more distributed and autonomous workforce. Changes in mobility make it easier than ever for workers to relocate for new opportunities. Greater demand for a diverse and inclusive work environment is pushing leaders to take a hard look at their policies and practices.
Today’s worker is likely to identify culture as a critical factor in joining and staying with a company. How you acquire, develop, and leverage talent needs to reflect those changes.
Are you looking at talent through the culture lens? Are you integrating your talent and culture strategies to ensure you hire and retain the best talent?
Our Solution
Leaders are being held to higher standards today. They are expected to deliver business results and to do so with careful attention to the culture that drives those results. For over two decades, Denison has been analyzing and helping change cultures and the leaders who shape those cultures. We offer a research-based approach to helping leaders deliver performance through culture, not in spite of it.
The Denison Model provides a single, comprehensive framework to think about, measure, and discuss both culture and leadership behavior. From selection to onboarding to development, Denison’s experts can design a custom talent management strategy to meet your needs.
The Tools
  • The Denison Leadership 360 measures concrete leadership behaviors that enable a high-performance culture.
  • The Denison Leadership Potential Report (DLPR) will assess how potential hires or leaders align with, strengthen, or conflict with the current culture.
  • The Denison Leadership Resource Center provides leaders with the latest research and advice on leadership practices and principles, allowing them to continue their development anytime.
  • Denison’s Onboarding Support quickly gives new leaders a clear picture of the culture they are stepping into, identifying where to sustain or challenge the current practices, habits, and routines.
  • Denison’s Leadership Coaching increases leaders’ awareness and impact. Our methods focus their energy on practical actions that improve individual, team, and organizational performance.

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