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For over 20 years, Denison has been a leader in culture and leadership. Working with over 10,000 organizations, we have developed the best-in-class research, assessments, and methodologies to help organizations drive change and boost performance.
Denison’s Knowledge Center brings that expertise to you. Learn more about the science and experience behind our tools. 
Learn more about our models and methodologies that bring culture and leadership to your bottom-line.

Denison Model & Content Modules

Practice Areas

  • Strategic Alignment: Explore how to successfully mobilize and motivate your organization to successfully implement your strategy.
  • Mergers & Acquisitions: Learn how to bring culture to the forefront to create a single, high-performing organization.
  • Transformation & Turnaround: Understand how to pinpoint your areas of distress and turn your people into your greatest asset.
  • Talent Management: Explore how to find and develop the right talent to build your culture and deliver to your mission.
  • Digital Culture: Inspire your workforce in shaping your new digital culture. 
Read our brief and practical research that will help you transform your organization.
Learn more about our models and methodologies that bring culture to your bottom-line.

Culture Survey Overview & Setup

  • DOCS Overview: Read more about our best-in-class culture assessment and reporting.
  • DOCS Communication Guide: Don’t start from scratch! Use our pre-survey communication guide and templates to build awareness and understanding.
  • Survey Demographics Overview: Read more about how to select your survey demographics to ensure you can segment your data in the most actionable ways.
  • Content Modules: Read more about our supplemental assessments that measure the employee issues you care most about.

Culture Consulting Resources

Other Culture Resources

Our research studies link culture and leadership to the metrics you care most about.
Learn more about our models and methodologies that bring leadership to your bottom-line.

Denison Leadership 360 Resources

Denison Leadership Potential Report (DLPR) Resources

  • DLPR Overview: Read more about our partnership with Hogan that combines their state-of-the-art personality inventories with the Denison Model to predict a leader’s performance.
  • DLPR Sample Report: Explore a sample Denison Leadership Potential Report.
Explore our library of peer-reviewed and published articles.

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