Denison Consulting does transformation. Our mission is to help organizations achieve improved organizational performance through culture change. We pursue this goal through consulting that combines real-time diagnostics with insight that is acted on through a path to high performance.

The Denison Model and the Denison Organizational Culture Survey (DOCS) are premier tools for assessing organizational health. DOCS provides statistically validated data identifying key organizational strengths and challenges that affect your bottom line.

Our Analytics and Consulting teams help you glean the most from your survey results by looking at the data by specific traits that are proven to influence performance—Mission, Adaptability, Involvement and Consistency. Then, we provide cuts along various demographic lines (company division, geography, and functional role, for example). Insight from these reports help you strategize your culture change process throughout the organization for both short-term success and long-term sustainability and effectiveness.

Why is the Denison Organizational Culture Survey a benchmark in assessing corporate health and planning culture transformation? Find out more in Interpreting the Survey Results from Dan Denison in his book, Leading Culture Change in Global Organizations.



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