Organizational Safety

Does your organization have effective safety management practices?
Are your leaders committed to safety as a priority?
Are employees able to report safety issues quickly, and are leaders ready to respond?
Die Safety Assessment measures how effectively your organization supports safe behaviors and work practices. It provides deep insight into central components of safety management.
Denison’s approach is unique in that we provide you with benchmarked safety management and culture insights. This combination helps you understand exactly how your culture impacts your ability to create and maintain a safe work environment.
In addition to Denison’s trusted culture items, the Denison Safety Assessment also measures the following validated and benchmarked items:
  1. All leaders demonstrate strong commitment to safety.
  2. Safety is the number one priority in everything we do.
  3. We have all the tools and resources needed to work safely.
  4. Employees take personal ownership for each other’s safety.
  5. Employees contribute to the development of our safety practices.
  6. We always work safely, even under high pressure.
  7. We continually look for new ways to work safely.
  8. We work to gain a deep understanding of all near-misses (or “close calls”).
  9. People from different parts of the organization work together in a way that ensures their safety.
  10. All safety issues are reported quickly to leaders and managers.
  11. Leaders and managers act quickly to resolve all safety issues.
  12. Considering everything, this organization is a very safe place to work.
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