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What is a Denison Certified Professional?

A Denison Certified Professional (DCP) is a business leader who has completed our certification process. DCP’s understand the Denison Model and its origin, have basic knowledge of the research linking the Denison Model to business performance, understand how to interpret Denison’s assessment results/reports, and are able to identify trends in results and create successful change strategies and action plans. Individuals who have completed the certification process have ongoing, working relationships with Denison’s team of experts. Read more about the certification process here.

Who Qualifies to Become a Denison Certified Professional?

Whether you are an existing business looking to expand your service offering or an independent coach driven to make a positive difference,
becoming a DCP gives you the tools you need to fuel your success.

If you don’t see your field/title reflected below and you’re interested in learning more about our certification process, please contact us.
We would love to work with you!

As an Independent Consultant or Coach, you guide your clients through the tough challenges inherent in today’s rapidly changing workplace. Whether navigating organizational restructuring or resolving systemic culture challenges, you need interpersonal development tools that build your credibility and enable your client’s long-term success.

As a DCP, you gain access to research-validated employee and leadership assessments, our professional online assessment delivery platform, and ongoing support to help you build your business and meet your clients’ unique needs.

Explore becoming a Denison Certified Professional today.

Whether you work in a highly specialized field or a small shop, you deliver high impact experiences that support your clients’ learning and development needs.

As a DCP, you gain access to our culture and leadership assessments, best-in-class research, our customizable content modules, and more. You will also have ongoing support to grow your business and meet your clients’ unique needs.

Explore becoming a Denison Certified Professional today.

As a member of an Executive Search Firm or Committee, you know that selecting a C-level leader is the hardest and most important decision a company can make.

As a DCP, you’ll gain access to our leadership and content assessments, our customizable content modules, our research-validated performance analytics, and our team of experts – who have deep experience working with boards of directors, CEOS, and executive teams. We’re ready to work with you to build a high-performing C-suite for today and tomorrow.

Explore becoming a Denison Certified Professional today.

As an HR Professional, you play a significant role in creating a strong culture. Because you are responsible for the employees’ life-cycle – developing orientation processes, training programs, and performance management systems – you have the ability to reinforce your organization’s mission, values, and expectations.

As a DCP, you’ll gain access to all our assessments and strategies that foster a high performance culture. Our team of experts – who are dedicated to supporting your organization’s transformation journey – are here to support you.

Explore becoming a Denison Certified Professional today.

Why Become a Denison Certified Professional?

We are the pioneers in culture, engagement, and leadership.

We are committed to helping you build a thriving business. As a Denison Certified Professional, you are a trusted member of our team and a critical factor in our success.

Our Global Team

Denison Consulting’s global team has real-world experience with world-class education and training. We have a genuine interest in our clients’ and partners’ success, and our team is available to answer your questions and support your needs.

Best-in-Class Research

Better than anyone, we leverage data analytics to drive change – enhancing productivity and business gain. We craft a data collection and analytics plan based on an understanding of our clients’ needs and a review of existing initiatives and data.

Actionable Insights

We are a one-stop assessment & analytics consulting firm that provides you with actionable insights with proven links to performance, spelled out in business language. Our team is flexible, entrepreneurial, smart, and family-oriented.

Certification Options

Certification Workshops

The Denison Consulting Certification Workshop prepares attendees to create high-impact strategies to drive culture change, leadership development, and propel business success. The Workshop gives you access to pre-course materials, 2 days of interactive workshop sessions, a pilot project, Certificate of Completion, access to our member-only online tool kit and more.

Customized Certifications

Denison also offers customized scheduling of virtual Certification Workshops. All subject areas are covered in these condensed, virtual sessions scheduled at your convenience by a Denison Consultant in two 4-hour sessions. Full certification of Denison culture and leadership service is earned in the virtual sessions as well.

Upcoming Certification Workshops:

To ensure the safety of our participants, until further notice Certification Workshops will be hosted virtually. While our team wishes we could meet you face-to-face, we are working hard to ensure all the best features of an in-person workshop carry over seamlessly onto our virtual platform. If you require additional information or would like to know more about future workshops, please contact Andrew Diehl at Denison Consulting.
  • February 9-10, 2021 (Virtual: 9 am – 3 pm EDT)

Our Team

  • Valerie Thomas
    Valerie Thomas Vice President, Consulting Services
  • Nabil Sousou Vice President, Global Business Development
  • Hannah Diebel
    Hannah Diebel Vice President, Client Success
  • Meredith Grzyb
    Meredith Grzyb Associate Consultant & Client Manager
  • Nellie Stansbury
    Nellie Stansbury Director of Digital Marketing

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