Risk Managment

How does your organization manage risk?
Does your organization successfully identify and analyze potential risks?
Do employees know how to handle risks when they arise?
The Risk Management Assessment measures how effectively your organization identifies and mitigates risk. It provides deep insight into your employees’ perceptions of risk management, helping to uncover gaps.
Denison’s approach is unique in that we provide you with benchmarked risk management and culture insights. This combination helps you understand exactly how your culture impacts your ability to identify and mitigate risk.
In addition to Denison’s trusted culture items, the Denison Risk Management Assessment also measures the following validated and benchmarked items:
  1. We continually look out for new risks.
  2. We monitor all risks, even when they seem minor.
  3. We gather useful information to better understand the risks we face.
  4. Employees are comfortable speaking up about risks.
  5. Leaders ask employees about risks in a way that encourages open and honest discussions.
  6. We have a thorough process for deciding how to respond to potential risks.
  7. There is wide agreement about how much risk we are willing to take.
  8. How we handle risk is consistent and predictable.
  9. We have a proactive planning process for the risks we face.
  10. Considering everything, we manage our risks very effectively.
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