Cultural Due Diligence

Understand the culture you are buying.
Whether you’re a multinational organization acquiring your competition in the Middle East or a private equity firm investing in the American Midwest, you need to know the culture of your target.
Our Solution
Denison minimizes risk by bringing culture to the forefront of any due diligence process. This work should begin before the deal is signed. Our Cultural Due Diligence solution can assess and model your target’s culture. This insight will draw out the opportunities and risks associated with the deal, informing your negotiation and integration planning.
Each target and deal is different – with different publicity and access to information. In a low information environment, Denison’s Advanced Analytics can discretely assess market intelligence, internal documentation, and targeted interviews. We use this data to build a predictive model of your target’s culture.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) is a key growth strategy for many of the most successful organizations. M&As can help your organization enter new markets, access new intellectual property, and pick up new talent.
However, your strategy also presents significant risk such as employee turnover, power struggles, and wasted resources. In fact, up to 70% of all M&A deals fail to meet expected results. Cultural incompatibility, or culture clash, is a dominant driver of these failures.

We can help prevent culture clash.

Private Equity

Denison can work with you to build an effective culture in all of your portfolio firms. But, this work needs to begin before the deal is signed. Our assessment tools enable you to capture a clear picture of your potential investment’s target culture.
Our consulting expertise helps you anticipate the necessary changes to achieve superior financial performance.
We can help plan change before you sign.
Supply Chain

Who you purchase from is critical to your organization’s success. Large-scale strategic partnerships present significant risk and alignment opportunities.
Before you sign, you deserve to understand your supplier’s culture:
  1. Is your supplier focused on the customer?
  2. Is your supplier setup to deliver?
  3. Is your supplier open to innovation and improvement?
  4. Are your supplier’s values aligned with yours?
We can make sure you know.

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