Transforming Organizational Cultures:
A New Solution

Continuous feedback in an open forum creates connection and collaboration, and when pointed at key priorities, this creates alignment across the organization.

The New Solution for Transforming Organizational Cultures
So how does an organization combine these complementary tools to drive transformation?

  • All successful transformations start with a thoughtful discovery process, designed to clarify just how the culture of an organization influences the performance of the business. Interviews with key stakeholders have always been an important part of that process. But with the addition of pulse technology, the discovery process can now involve everyone in the organization in a dynamic process to gather and share their real-time input.
  • Following this initial discovery phase, we recommend that organizations capture an accurate and comprehensive baseline to provide a breadth of understanding around key aspects of organizational effectiveness. These aspects are critical for long-term success and are often closely linked to strategy implementation.
  • After results are disseminated, we recommend using real-time feedback to crowd source your organization for perspective on key priorities revealed by the enterprise-wide analysis, and later, on ideas for taking action on those key priorities.
  • Pulsing the organization quarterly on key action indicators will ensure that the right actions are taken, allowing for course correction as needed.

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