Take initiative in building your organizational culture in 2017

The new year is a good time to assess some of your organizational culture goals and form some resolutions for how to better carry them out. We asked one of our senior consultants, Levi Nieminen, for his take on culture resolutions for 2017. Here’s what he has to offer.

1. Try new things and don’t be afraid to fail.

“Try new things and “fail” faster at them. Then adjust, build on it, and try again.”

There’s a strategy to what’s known as the “fast fail:” It allows you to test more ideas, and more iterations of ideas, at a faster rate. You accelerate the pace of learning, which in turn accelerates the pace of innovation. Just keeping things moving is a big part of success for many organizations.

2. Don’t wait—act.

“Stop waiting for the dust to settle… it never does.”

Instead of waiting for the perfect moment, take time now to move ahead your current initiatives. You’ll make more progress, even in imperfect conditions, than by further delay.

3. Use your passion.

“Find your funk, and help others find theirs too. Good work emerges when talent and passion line up.”

Many of us aren’t honest or courageous enough to stand up and announce our passion, but if we do, we could find a way to apply it to our work. At the very least, you will create a culture where everyone feels open about the things which inspire them.

4. Lead the change you want to see.

“Stop hoping for organizational change that will start somewhere else.”

Lead the organizational change by making the necessary personal changes, and in so doing, you will model the way for others to follow.

5. Open the echo chamber.

“Trade internal meetings in for external ones that include the customer or client.”

You can waste a lot of time sitting around a table discussing things among yourselves. Instead, open the doors and let the outside in. Invite customer feedback and client opinions.

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