Catch up on our top culture blogs of 2016 to build inspiration for 2017.

As 2016 winds down, we know many of our readers will be planning ahead for 2017. As you pull together your goals for next year, make sure to include organizational culture on the list. To help you build inspiration, take a look at this end-of-year round-up of our top culture blogs of 2016.

1. Cultural Due Diligence: Helping Mergers and Acquisitions Succeed

Mergers and Acquisitions are a critical time to focus on culture. As you plan for your organization’s future, make sure to give cultural due diligence its due.

2. Waggl Your Way High Performance

Denison and Waggl have partnered to provide critical, continuous feedback on your organizational culture. Learn how pulse surveys work with the Denison Model to help your organization succeed.

3. Setting Expectations: M&A Transition Planning and Team Alignment

After a Merger or Acquisition, the more quickly your companies are able to align the better off you’ll be. You can jump start this process by conducting honest conversations early on.

4. Fixing the Culture and the Business at the Same time

Sometimes can focus on a broken business model and forget the impact culture has on organizational success. The two are intertwined: one cannot succeed without the other.

5. Culture Change is a Team Sport!

You know how they say there’s no “I” in “team?” Well there’s no “I” in culture, either. Culture takes a team effort, and as such, there are principles to teamwork and coaching you can apply to help build your culture.

6. Organizational Culture in the Gig Economy

Culture takes time to transmit. But some organizations, such as universities or other companies in the gig economy, have a built-in high turn-over rate. Building organizational culture in these circumstances is difficult, but it can be done. Read one story of success from the University of Michigan’s Cardiology Fellowship training program.

7. What the Denison-Waggl Partnership Can Look Like for Your Organization

Interested in learning how pulse surveys can work with our culture model? We’ve put together our answers to some frequent, practical questions about how the Denison-Waggl partnership works.

8. The Denison Model: Diagnosing and Building Cultural Alignment 

We talk a lot about the Denison Model. But do you know how it works? We wrote a blog post to break down its most critical elements to help you understand how it drives organizational culture growth.

9. Ensuring Leadership Readiness for Culture and Strategy Alignment

Is you leadership team ready for your culture initiative? In this article, we talk about questions to ask your team to make sure your organization’s leadership is on board with culture.

10. When Investors Invest in Corporate Culture

Denison conducted a study involving 36 portfolio companies to better understand how they invested in their corporate culture. Here’s what we learned.

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