Engagement is an ongoing process

Over years of working with organizations to improve their culture, we’ve learned that building engagement can never be a once-and-done initiative. Engagement is active and ongoing, which means it must be continually and indefinitely sustained. You can’t expect employees to stay involved if their only chance to give feedback comes in an annual review, and that requires a more responsive feedback process. In the past, implementing such a system across a large company would have been difficult, if not impossible. Thankfully, we now have a solution.

The Internet allows for immediate feedback.

The Internet accelerates the pace of communication, and in doing so changes our expectations about when we can give and receive feedback. However, many long-established companies find themselves still married to habits from the pre-Internet era. They may have updated their look and feel, their communication with outside clients, and even much of their internal communication, but their HR processes remain fettered to past methodologies. Most employees will still recognize that a deep review and assessment will take time, and they don’t expect to see their feedback implemented immediately. But they want to see that their input has been registered, and if possible, they want to see that in real-time.

Waggl’s pulse surveys provide an engagement opportunity

Denison’s partnership with Waggl gives you ample opportunity for employee feedback. This, in turn, builds the trust your workforce needs to feel like their voices are being heard. Real-time feedback is only one ingredient in the engagement recipe: your employees still need a strong sense of purpose and the belief that their feedback will be acted upon. They also need the grounding in a solid culture strategy to keep them moving in the right direction. Without these, employees are more likely to feel that their feedback is ignored, leading to lower engagement. Denison Consulting can help build your organizational culture, and bring engagement along with it. Be in touch today to hear more and schedule a demo.

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