Can personality really be a critical factor in leadership success? Hogan Assessments and Denison Consulting say, ”Yes.”

Hogan’s focus is on real-world application of personality theory and data. It has developed a systematic way to translate knowledge and theories of personality into scalable solutions for organizations.

Denison’s focus is on culture change and leadership. It has demonstrated that there is a powerful connection between organizational culture and business performance and that insight on leadership potential is essential to developing the organization.

The more you understand people, the more effective organizations will be.

Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic, CEO, Hogan Assessments

Linking Personality, Leadership and Organizational Culture

Denison model applied to their leadership potential report.

These two perspectives have come together through a solution developed collaboratively by the two firms to advance organizational effectiveness. It’s called the Denison Leadership Potential Report (DLPR). It has proven to be an important tool for assessing and developing leaders who can effectively steer organizations to achieve targeted impact, whether financial or social.

DLPR maps an individual’s inherent leadership attributes, as measured by three Hogan personality assessments—the Bright side, the Dark side and theInside of individual personality—to the 12 leadership competencies of the Denison Model, the world’s premier organizational culture and leadership development model.

The result? A statistically valid prediction of leadership potential.


Building a high performance business culture directly impacts the bottom line. Leadership is critical to that process.

—Dan Denison, Founder and Chairman, Denison Consulting

Real World Impact                                           

Combined with expert executive coaching, we’ve seen the DLPR make a tangible difference in organizations around the world. Learn more about how you can advance your organization’s leadership potential by taking a closer look at the Denison Leadership Potential Report.

Read a recent Forbes blog from Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic on How to Identify the Hidden Gems in Your Organization by considering their leadership potential and personality.

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